Promote Remote Consulting

Promoting Remote Consulting Equals Less Eco-Damage

Traffic, gas prices, and the resultant eco-damage of the car culture make promoting remote consulting another smart (and ‘Green’) way to reduce our carbon foot-print. 

And, if telecommuting isn’t possible, we encourage our employees to make a plan with their co-workers to come up with ‘Greener methods’ of getting to and from the office. 

Being an energy and resource efficient company only works if we share those principals with our employees, partners, and vendors as this helps us improve the health and well-being of our workplace while encouraging others to do the same.  

Here are 10 tips on how to be successful in a remote consulting engagement:

  • Discipline yourself - Set ground rules
  • Must self motivate
  • Develop the ability to work independently
  • Do not ‘mis-use’ a client’s time
  • Ensure that your remote office has hi-speed internet service 
  • Make use of an internet phone for communicating 
  • Always attend conference calls and meetings on time
  • Always reply to client and company emails in a timely manner 
  • Be available to your client during office hours 
  • Understand how to separate your personal time from your professional time 
  • If possible, have a separate room in your home as your office 

Remote consulting helps promote a ‘Greener’ workplace. A ‘Greener’ workplace equals a lighter ecological footprint, and a lighter ecological footprint means a healthier planet for all of us.