Consent Decree Champion

ID# DCPA30167

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Consent Decree (CD) Champion will direct and guide a group of local QSE (Quality System Element)Leads on the execution of Consent Decree related commitments. 

  • CD Champion will liaise between company sites to ensure all identified gaps and interdependencies between QSE’s and Base Business are well understood and addressed. 
  • Lessons learned are shared between all QSE teams at the site 
  • Ensure risks are identified, communicated and tracked to resolution. 
  • Assist with Metric design, data collection and tracking for assigned QSE Teams 
  • Appropriate incorporation of Points for Further Evaluation from other QSE’s 
  • Ensure all supporting documentation is identified and tracked by the team members to closure (Open Investigations, change Controls), prior to confirmation of a step 
  • Coach and mentor assigned QSE Teams in cGMP, industry trends and corporate guidance’s 
  • Assist in data gathering to support scheduling of base Business resources that will be required for success of QSE Step execution 
  • Ensure a strong sustainability model is put in place, tracked and communicated to site 


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Consumer Product


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