Facilities Engineer II

ID# DCFL27024

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Facilities Senior Technician / Engineer 


To support the Facilities Maintenance and Operations technicians provide service and to the site while supporting some short term projects that need delivered also associated with this team. 

Facilities/Maintenance operates and maintains facilities equipment including, but not limited to, building controls, fire protection systems and heating-ventilation-and air-conditioning (HVAC). Facilities/Maintenance technicians are responsible for maintenance, operation and troubleshooting of utilities equipment, maintains physical structure of establishment and general electrical systems on an industrial, cGMP regulated facility. Utilities equipment includes Chillers, Air Handling Units, Exhaust ventilation, Dehumidifiers, Cooling Towers, Compressed Air, Reheat, Fire Prevention, Emergency Power Generators, Water Treatment, UPS and Environmental Control systems. The Facilities/Maintenance technicians documents all maintenance activities executed on the site computer maintenance management system (CMMS). The Facilities/Maintenance technicians performs, as needed, maintenance service and repairs in the area of plumbing, carpentry, and painting. Plans, coordinates, inspects, and performs maintenance and supports project management for facility related projects, including but not limited to, building remodeling and construction, equipment installation and/or placement, safety and environmental compliance, mechanical systems maintenance, and energy conservation. 


  1. Implement specific activities. (35%) 
  2. Provides guidance in the resolution of routine and non-routine problems or concerns. (25%) 
  3. Updates policies and procedures assuring compliance to regulatory requirements. (10%) 
  4. Prepare and maintain accurate documentation / procedures for audits, and maintenance performed with adherence to GMP/ISO standards. (5%) 
  5. Acts as liaison with other departments, and management by communicating pertinent information, requirements or concerns. (5%) 
  6. Troubleshoot electro-mechanical systems, write preventive maintenance procedures, Purchase general operating supplies, and Performs other related duties as assigned by management. (5%) 
  7. Develop, justify, implement / manage Capital projects. (5%) 
  8. Support other Engineers and technicians as nessary (10%) 


  • Minimum experience (number of month/years and type of work experience beyond formal education) required for competent performance: 
  • 5 year minimum experience in Facilities Maintenance Operations area 
  • Interaction with Facility Maintenance and Operations Maintenance Technicians, Engineers, Managers, Consultants, Auditors, City Inspectors and Vendors. 
  • Software as required for PC. PLC systems for Boilers, Chillers, Compressors and Fire Protection systems. Building Management Systems (BMS), Maintenance Request Systems, and expert System. 
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Building Management Systems, PLC's, Electro-Mechanical Measurement/Testing Devices, Fire Protection Systems, HVAC Systems, Ladder Logic, Building Codes, Safety and Environmental Regulations. 

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