Marketing Specialist (Promotions) II

ID# DCMA27010

dinaliC is an international consulting firm specialized in projects for numerous industries. We are dedicated to provide contract and permanent opportunities for skilled professionals in their area or areas of expertise


Position requires a bacherlors degree. 5 years experiene. The core competency is events management and events marketing. Healthcare experience is a plus. 

The model is designed to provide a flexible, cost-effective, environment for independent emerging companies pursuing new technologies and research platforms to advance medical care. Client is in San Diego and the model is being replicated in innovation hot spots like the Bay Area and Boston. As such the Marketing and Events team requires expansion in these regions as well Work with one of the highest profile groups in life sciences and healthcare as you foster a community, create a buzz and elevate our company profile to attract new companies.

As a Marketing and Events Manager you will advise on marketing strategy as well as plan and implement successful events to showcase the innovative model and add value to the entrepreneurial community. In this high-profile role, you will create, market, and execute 40+ industry events annually that vary in size, scope and purpose to demonstrate your marketing savvy and influence the leaders in the industry. You will be recognized for your ability to produce and market high-quality programming, and you’ll have the chance to grow the clients reputation and influence within the industry. Your highly efficient multitasking skills will serve you well as you plan and execute events like internal one-on-one meetings, client seminars (20 people), and public programming (200+ people). You will work with the movers and shakers from life sciences and healthcare, start-ups, the academic community, and within venture capital organizations.

You will also apply your polished and proven skills in bringing together key stakeholders to major events. Your ability to successfully communicate our message to industry leaders will be critical. You will be instrumental in helping to create a community that provides support for the development of life science and healthcare technologies that make the world a better place.


In addition to creating and marketing programs you will also have the opportunity to work with Corporate Marketing Group developing and implementing strategic marketing initiatives that will help to further distinguish Client as the place for innovation. You will collaborate with the Business Development department to conduct market analysis in order to develop new and improved methods for marketing our services. Your top-notch communication skills, both written and verbal, will be a critical element to your success as you regularly work with customers and clients

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