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This is a high visibility, critical, and fast moving project, which will require continuous schedule updating and nearly daily reporting. 

Key requirements: 

***Please note this position is focused on keeping a Microsoft Project schedule up to date and building status reports and look ahead tools.****** 

Experience with scheduling software 

  • Microsoft Project, Primavera, etc. 
  1. Scheduling principles are basically platform independent 
  • Specifically Microsoft Project for this assignment 

Teamwork “Soft” skills 

  • Ability to work with different groups to build and update the schedule 
  1. With the variety of technical disciplines involved, technical understanding of all processes is not required 
  2. Ability to grasp the flow of work and model it accurately in a schedule is required 

Ability to be flexible and responsive in creating reports to present schedule information for different audiences 

  • Working with schedule data exported from MSProject to Excel spreadsheets 
  • From exported data, create look ahead and other specifically tailored schedule reports 
  1. Templates will be available for use and improvement by the replacement scheduler 
  2. Incumbent will train/instruct and consult on the reporting and other aspects of the scheduling work during transition. 

Note: The skill set we are seeking is a professional Project Scheduler. This is not a Project Manager, but rather a person with advanced project scheduling skills with Microsoft Project, but also includes the ability update and maintenance of the integrated master schedule, project management reporting using the detailed schedule, down loading to Excel with the ability to analyze schedule data and create project performance reports/dashboards and summarizing project performance fo

Position Details:

Consumer Product


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