Production Planning Engineer I

ID# DCNJ30393

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This position is responsible for the development and implementation of planning processes, systems, policies and procedures for contract manufacturing biologics API contract manufacturing planning. The position will develop the aforementioned to ensure the fluent supply of products, materials and supplies in support of contract manufacturing planning. This position is also responsible for interfacing between internal and external contract manufacturing stakeholders to ensure alignment of the Master Production Schedule at the contract manufacturer. The position will be responsible for ensuring on-time delivery of the product to the downstream biologics API plants in alignment with the Master production schedule. This position will be responsible for aligning with existing global processes in addition to creating new procedures to allow for an end to end product planning overview. This position is responsible for the Inventory Management of released contract manufactured products and ensuring inventories are maintained within plan, while minimizing excess and obsolescence. The position is responsible for coordinating planned clinical production with clinical supply planner. Position is responsible for ensuring compliance with EHS, GMP’s, SOX and Business Compliance policies and procedures. Key customers/ for this position include BIO API planning group, ESI planning, clinical supply chain, ESI quality, and the JSC external contract manufacturer. 


  • Develop, consolidate, and maintain of the contract manufacturing Master Production Schedule (MPS) to ensure that customer requirements are met, while facilitating efficient manufacturing operations. 
  • Interface and communicate between External Supply Integration (ESI), Bio API planning, clinical supply planning, and the Contract Manufacturer regularly, to review ongoing production requirements per the production plan. 
  • Manages any short term production exceptions in alignment with  BIO API Planning, ESI manufacturing, ESI quality, and the contract manufacturer. 
  • Ensures on time delivery of API products from the external manufacturing facility to the sites and Fill Finish plants, while ensuring an end to end visibility within the supply chain. 
  • Creates processes and procedures for the effective planning management of materials from the output of the master production schedule through the contract manufacturer to downstream customers. 
  • Manages the procurement and vendor scheduling of company's proprietary direct materials and supplies, ensuring efficient and effective purchasing and inventory practices, while optimizing the balance between quality, service, reliability and price for each material. Ensure continuity of supply of critical materials from a local and network perspective. Supports Global Procurement in the forecasting of materials and supplies and with the relationship management of 'key vendors’. 
  • Manages and aligns with contract manufacturing and ESI quality to ensure on time release of products for downstream customers. 
  • Manages raw materials, operating supplies, intermediate and product inventories within inventory goals, while minimizing excess, obsolete and expired materials. Contribute to the global balancing of products, materials and supplies inventories within the company. 
  • Prepare and align with ESI finance timely closure for the end of month and end of quarter inventory movements and sales orders in alignment with the master production schedule. 
  • Develop, maintain and publish information on supply chain management KPI’s (e.g. OTS, Plan Attainment). 
  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures for the management of contract manufacturing planning 
  • Contribute to the BIO API planning management operational and strategic initiatives. 
  • Ensure compliance with EHS, SOX, GMP’s, SAP approvals and business compliance policies and procedures. 
  • Additional BIO API planning activities as needed. 


  • BA/BS 


  • Supply Chain Certifications (Desirable) 


  • 3 to 5 years plus 


  • Proven experience with managing processes such as master production scheduling, procuring materials and supplies, vendor scheduling, inventory management, supply chain management, scenario analysis, and change control management. 
  • Strong knowledge of SAP planning and control applications and ability to enhance these applications. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work across organizational boundaries through influence, negotiation and partnering. 
  • Ability of be able to collect, consolidate, analyze, summarize and report on large volumes of supply chain data. 
  • Facilitate an environment of innovation and continuous improvement through Lean Concepts. 
  • Ability to be able to perform at both strategic and tactical levels within and across the organization. 
  • Results driven, while ensuring the optimization and efficient use of operating capabilities. 
  • Ability to be able to engrain Credo based culture within the Planning area and ensures action plans are implemented. 
  • Ability to be able to engrain Diversity & Inclusion within the Global Planning, Product Management & the organizations. 


  • Ability to be able to support the development and maintenance of the Contract Manufacturing MPS plan. 
  • Inventory Management in relation strategies and policies for safety stocks, re order points and business continuity plans. 
  • Prioritization of issues to support customer and supply chain requirements. 
  • Procurement of materials and supplies for local and hosted procurement. 
  • Ability of be able to collect, consolidate, analyze, summarize and report on large volumes of supply chain data. 
  • Ability to be able to proactively manage and resolve complex material supply problems. 

we are looking to recruit candidates who could work in Raritan, NJ (1st preference) or as a secondary location, Raleigh North Carolina

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