Research Associate-I

ID# DCPA27430

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  • We are seeking a Research Associate to assist with Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and digital image analysis to support multiple programs within the immunology department. 
  • The associate will learn basic principles and scientific techniques associated with immunohistochemistry. 
  • The associate will focus on learning basic histology and disease pathology of tissues of interest, such as the GI tract and pathological hallmarks of IBD. 
  • To quantify staining, the candidate will gain expertise in digital imaging and image analysis software. They will be able to identify changes in expression of target of interest in normal and disease tissues. 
  • They will learn proper documentation principles and rigorous data integrity practices. 

Proposed Studies: 

  • The associate will perform basic histology techniques to prepare tissue sections for staining, such as deparaffinization, rehydration and antigen retrieval. 
  • IHC staining will be performed on mouse and human formalin fixed and frozen tissues. Immunohistochemistry will be performed in normal and diseased tissues to demonstrate the presence of target in organ of interest, as well as pattern of expression. 
  • The associate will perform detailed quantitative analysis on digital images to quantify changes in expression of target of interest. 
  • In addition, they will learn to perform routing histology staining including H&E, trichrome and PAS staining so that a determination of any disease pathology can be made on the tissue of interest and potentially correlate disease state with levels of expression of target of interest. 

Demonstration of oral, written and interpersonal skills including the ability to document and effectively communicate interpretation of data and results. BS with 3 years experience or MS with 1 year experience.

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