Managed Services

Vendor Managed Services (VMS) improves client's ability to manage and procure talent aquisition and staffing services, as well as contingent labor, by reducing the work from creation of a job order to onboarding a worker. 




  vendor managed services - vMS


  • Use and implement web based E-procurement  tools.
  • Procure contingent workers.
  • Manage contingent workers.
  • Manage statement of work projects.
  • Manage independent consultants.
  • Manage W2 employees.
  • Optimization of supplier performance.
  • Bill rate compliance.
  • Consistent supplier scorecard compliance.
  • Use and implementation of workflow enabled VMS system.
    • Streamlined requisition approval.
    • Shortlist candidates.
    • Interview candidates.
    • Work order creation.
    • Onboarding.
    • Time and expense reporting.
    • Consolidated invoicing.                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Measure effectiveness in end to end recruiting and staffing process.
  • Meet client's regulatory standards and requirements.
  • Find the best Talent Acquisition firms according to the client's requirements.
  • Qualify the Talent Acquisition firms.
  • Promote and establish vendor neutrality.
  • Responsible for on-site management of the contingent work force.
  • Establish subcontractor agreements with approved Talent Acquisition firms.
  • Perform routine audits to meet the client regulatory standards and requirements (Insurance, Workerscomp, W2, INS e-verify & etc.).